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In an age of repeated crises, these Texans are creating mutual aid networks to help neighbors in need

Texas Tribune

February 13, 2023

Austin will reevaluate its program to shelter people in extreme weather. Again.


February 9, 2023

Austin shelters weren't prepared for outages despite lessons from 2021 winter storm

Fox San Antonio

February 9, 2023

Chainsaws and dry socks: Austinites step up for neighbors during ice storm

Texas Tribune

February 3, 2023

Austin’s Spiking Homeless Problem Comes To Head Over Frigid Christmas

Daily Wire

December 29, 2022

Local non-profit reacts to city of Austin's homeless winter response

CBS Austin

December 28, 2022

City of Austin and Partners Shelter Hundreds During Winter Weather

City of Austin

December 27, 2022

Austin sheltered 431 people on first night of cold snap, thousands more without


December 23, 2022


BOMAR, Jessica

May 1, 2022

Austin outreach groups helping homeless stay warm, fed amid freezing temperatures


February 4, 2022

Austin volunteers mobilize to get supplies, shelter info to homeless ahead of winter storm

Austin American Statesman

February 3, 2022

Every book I read in 2021

Ryan, Nathan

January 7, 2022

Report Identifies Issues in Austin’s Disaster Preparedness

November 5, 2021

Public Safety Commission recommends ceasing Prop B citations

Austin Monitor

August 4, 2021

Questions raised during this time period resulted in massive changes to how AMA was structured and operated. AMA has repeatedly reached out to the original author and directly to VICE requesting that they do a follow-up piece to the above article. None of our communications were returned.

Austin Mutual Aid Raised Millions During the Texas Freeze. Where Is It Now?

July 27, 2021

Blackout: An Intern Reflects on Texas Power Grid Failures

Environmental and Energy Study Institute

June 2, 2021

The Lone Star State is Freezing Over

The Breeze

May 6, 2021

Austin aid groups, volunteers stepped up to shelter homeless during February storms

Austin American Statesman

March 10, 2021

Essential workers protest over Abbott’s decision to lift mask mandate

Fox 7 Austin

March 8, 2021

The limits of disaster capitalism in Texas

The Daily Californian

March 5, 2021

How Three Texans Feel About the State’s Controversial Reopening


March 3, 2021

These Volunteers Didn't Wait Around To Get Homeless Austinites Into Hotels During The Historic Freeze


March 1, 2021

Austin Needs Water: Aggressive efforts underway to get water to Central Texans


February 28, 2021

‘Solidarity, not charity’: Mutual aid groups are filling gaps in Texas’ crisis response

February 26, 2021

Thank You for Supporting iACT’s Refugee Students During the Winter Freeze

Interfaith Texas

February 26, 2021

Austin Volunteer Group Offers Much Needed Water Relief

Spectrum Local News

February 26, 2021

How Texas Became A Frozen Capitalist Dystopia

The Preface

February 24, 2021

Austin Mutual Aid has received 1 request every 6 minutes since 2/17 Mutual Aid

Austin Mutual Aid

February 23, 2021

We just wanted to save lives': During Austin's winter freeze, volunteers led many city-wide relief efforts

Austin American Statesman

February 23, 2021

Texans used mutual aid to help their communities through a devastating winter storm

Texas Tribune

February 23, 2021

The Dialtones Break the Freeze with “Young Summer”

Austin Chronicle

February 22, 2021

Where Government Fails, Local Leaders Work To Meet Texans' Basic Needs

National Public Radio

February 21, 2021

When the GOP Left Texans to Freeze, Locals Stepped Up With Mutual Aid

Mother Jones

February 20, 2021

Climate Disruption Leads To Burning Toys In Texas

Clean Technica

February 20, 2021

How to Help Feed People in Need During Austin’s Winter Weather Crisis

February 20, 2021

Mutual Aid Groups Are Embodying Tikkun Olam During the Texas Snowstorm

Hey Alma

February 19, 2021

Burning the Furniture and Blaming the Wind


February 18, 2021

Nearly 200,000 People Still Lack Power Amid Snow, Subzero Temperatures Across Texas. Here’s How To Help


February 18, 2021

Easy ways to donate to Austin residents amid historic winter storm

Austin CultureMap

February 18, 2021


February 18, 2021

Helping the homeless: Austin volunteers pay for hotel rooms, deliver food


February 17, 2021

Texas Is a Failed State


February 16, 2021

Austin Mutual Aid Organizations Share Resources During COVID-19 and Beyond, Looking for solidarity, not charity

Austin Chronicle

August 21, 2020

Volunteers Deliver Supplies to Homeless Encampments Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Spectrum Local News

August 7, 2020

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