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Pre August 2021

Below are documents created in March, June, and July of 2021 by the former Primary Organizers  of Austin Mutual Aid (AMA). While some of the views expressed in this document are presently in line with the views of AMA’s current Organizers , many of the views are not.


There may also be some factual inconsistencies in this document, both in terms of the history of AMA and the Financial report. 


Following an exhaustive months-long audit of all 2021 revenue and expenses, the AMA financial team recognized inaccuracies that were included in the previous financial reports released in March and June of 2021. The EOY 2021 report released in July 2022 contains an accurate accounting of all donations and expenses incurred in 2021 based on an audit of every bank account associated with AMA and its leadership, Venmo and GoFundMe statements, and receipt documentation. 


For archival purposes, we are not revising the previous versions of the financial reports, but these reports are understood to be inaccurate.  


This document is still present on our website and our various social media platforms for the sake of historical preservation and transparency.


The current Organizers of Austin Mutual Aid are dedicated to accountability, transparency, and supporting our community. If you would like an up-to-date and accurate account of our financial report, you can view our current 2021 End of Year Statement and Report here.

AMA's History and financial report from March 2020 - 2021

Financial Reports from June - July of 2021

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