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Mutual Aid

Austin Mutual Aid shows up!

Here are some of the ways we support our community.

Camp Support

We provide camp support based upon building relationships to those forced to live in the streets with basic needs: food, water, harm reduction & resources on where to get more support.

Harm Reduction

We can't do it all, but we can do our best to reduce harms. 

Since every life is precious, we provide comrades in encampments with fentanyl test kits and Narcan.

Clean Clothes Support

Being physically clean is incredibly important to how a person is perceived as well as their own psyche, but living outdoors makes clean impossible.  We pay our comrade's laundromat fees. 

While they're there, we also provide a meal, offer social services navigation & support and share in camaraderie.

Food Pantry

We have partnered with Carol's Kindness to address the need for increased food accessibility in the Eastern Crescent of Austin, a majorly BIPOC community area, by setting up a food pantry at the Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia Recreation Center. 

Carol's Kindness uses their privilege to source & request rescued food and redistribute it amongst the community.

Social Services Navigation

Navigating the systems necessary to obtain official identification, services & support is critical to finding housing.  AMA’s Outreach Programming is fully run & developed by peer support specialists with the lived experience of being unhoused as well as overcoming the barriers to overcoming.

Direct Aid Facilitators

AMA assists comrades in aiding comrades.  We run a group on Facebook where comrades who seek assistance are matched with 10k+ comrades able to assist.

Extreme Weather Support

During extreme weather events, AMA organizes comrades to transport comrades from the streets to shelters.  During freezing events, we run a mobile warming shelter where comrades thaw out while enjoying a warm meal.

Legislative Advocacy

AMA shows up to speak for those who can't.  We are regulars at the Texas Legislature and Austin City Council.

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